Are you looking to get to the heart of birth, with classes that will take you beyond the modern
‘cram for an exam’ style of childbirth preparation?
Do you want a childbirth class that will be
Exciting    Challenging    Meaningful    Touching    Inspiring    Transformative    Powerful

Then you want Birthing From Within™ classes! These classes are creative, dynamic gatherings that see birth as a life-changing rite of passage, no matter where or how you give birth. The outcome is not the journey!

We don’t promise a particular type of birth if you just follow instructions or believe you can. We won’t paint rosy pictures of a perfect birth if you breathe the right way, or do the right exercises, or hire the right provider. Instead we’ll explore your own resources and innate knowledge, we’ll dig deeper into your beliefs, assumptions, fears and expectations of birth, & we’ll do hands-on practice that will build a pain coping mindset that will benefit you in every aspect of your life, not just labor and birth.

You and your partner will learn how to birth in awareness: Knowing how to travel the ever-changing landscape of labor, knowing how to meet each moment as it happens & knowing what to do, even when you don’t know what to do!

Heart of Birth is undergoing its own transformation;
a period of growth & labor to be born as something new!

Charlene will be teaching at Thresholds– please check there for upcoming group classes, for private classes you can still contact Charlene directly. This website will move towards exploring the the core of what it means to give birth in our modern culture- through podcasts, articles, artwork and more!
(425) 202-5308

Looking for Crescence Krueger, doula & yoga instructor in Toronto, ON? She’s HERE