“I’m taking a hospital birth class…”

That’s fantastic! Hospital-based childbirth classes can be a great source of practical information about labor and birth, as well as giving insights into that particular hospital’s dynamic, procedures & environment.

A Birthing From Within class may still be right for you, in addition to the hospital class- because there are things we do, that you just won’t find elsewhere:

~ Personal exploration of your self-image as a parent, and how that image is shaped by people, places & experiences.
~ Understanding all labor & birth as a transformative process, not just a physical event.
~ Recognition of the physical intensity (aka pain) of birth as a normal part of the process, and building a mindset to meet that intensity in each moment.
~ Developing a framework of adaptability, resilience and compassion; rather than a focus on outcome and avoidance.

Our classes understand that your labor and birth doesn’t just require learning about the nuts and bolts of birth, but diving deep into everything that has brought you to this moment- from the social and cultural messages that surround you, to your personal beliefs about birth and parenting, to the knowledge and resources you have within you.

Childbirth is a “whole person” event, why not take a class that reaches all of you?