About Charlene


Charlene Hamilton ~ Birthing From Within Mentor

I’ve been with Birthing From Within since 2002, after spending several years as a DONA-trained doula.  I came to birth work through a nurse at a friend’s birth- she looked at me wiping my friend’s forehead, whispering encouragement to her and said “You’re really good at that, you know you can get paid to support people?”. When I found Birthing From Within, it was like the universe tapped me on the shoulder and said “Here, this.”  I was struck by the belief that preparing heart and mind is vital to childbirth preparation, that pain isn’t the enemy in birth, and that focusing on a specific outcome inhibits birthing in awareness.

It’s these principles that I’ve build my practice on, and that I try to bring to every single class I teach, no matter how big or small.


Professional Trainings, Workshops & Conferences
DONA doula training 1998
Intern at Waterbirth International 2000-2001
Waterbirth International Conference 2001
DONA doula workshop 2001
Birthing From Within mentor training 2002
Birthing From Within mentor retreat 2004
Birthing From Within mentor training 2005
Birthing From Within advanced training 2007
Exploring the Labyrinth workshop 2011
Western Washington Labyrinth Network Fall Gathering 2011
(Regional Association of Childbirth Educators) Conference 2014-2017
Birthing From Within advanced training 2015
Birthing From Within Birth Art training 2016
Spinning Babies training 2017
Northwest Doula Conference 2017